Queen Bee painting process

Time for a new process post. This one came about as another in the series that started with Lucinda. I was looking for a bee theme here and always had these colours in mind for it.

I started with my plywood, sanded down with a clear binder medium which works as a primer. I sketched the face on with my charcoal, using my initial sketch as reference.

I then painted in the face, I wanted her to be darker than Lucinda but she has a similar face. So that I could keep the grain of the board showing through somewhere I chose a victorian type collar, keeping it plain. I really like Victorian clothing and using them in art, so I use old photos from that era a lot when getting ideas.


Playing around with her clothing then I added her wings, keeping then as understated as I could, didn’t want her to be fairy-like.

I added her ruffle and earrings, keeping my palette simple. Her diadem, or tiara gave me a lot of design frustration. It’s very easy to get cutesy which is exactly what I didn’t want. So I came up with a mish mash of ideas that tied in with the rest and left me satisfied enough to move forward.

Hair. It took forever! I played around a bit with some ideas but it turned out that I just didn’t need them. I added my bees and tweaked and shaded and spent a bit of time with her every few days.


Thanks for taking a look!

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1 Response to Queen Bee painting process

  1. Amy Whitley says:

    You are incredibly awesome. The colors…!!

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