Painting a Landscape

Hi! I just finished a painting and I’ve been photographing it along the way to share the process, as with some other art here on my blog. This one is the last in a series of four this shape. It started as a summer landscape with a different outdoor activity than snowboarding, but as I went along the painting was pushing for another direction so I went with it. I’ll try with the other idea next time.

First I primed the canvas, even though I bought it already primed. Just in case. I had the design sketched in my book so I just drew it on and then figured out (using pencils in my sketchbook) what my colour scheme would be. I like to stick to 3 colours or tints and shades of that colour.


I work background to foreground, overlapping because it’s acrylic and dries quickly.


This is the point where I realised it would become more of a winterscape, I think these foreground mountains look a bit like custard on Christmas puddings. Oh yum.

Time for some life. I paint the trunks and work on the wiggly foliage one at a time.

And add some more and the shadows and highlights.

Lastly, I added the little snowboarder and then his mate, cheering him on. I positioned the snowboarder carefully so as to give him a good sense of movement and make sure he would be able to land the jump! Also some birdlife, powder and finish!





You can view the painting over on my Redbubble as well as other landscape paintings in the series, one being up in my blog header.
Thanks for taking a look!

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