Painting a Portrait #2

Hi! I have just finished another painting. Much like last time I have taken some photos as I went along if anyone is interested in the process.

First things first, I primed the board with clear gesso (binder medium). Good to stop anything damaging coming up through the timber in the long run.


Once I drew the design on, I got to work painting the hardest area first. I ended up tweaking her face during the whole painting process though.


I then painted the peacock and started the hair, working right to left so as not to smudge any wet paint (I’m a lefty). Originally there was no peacock but just the feathers in amongst her hair. I changed my mind because whenever I see peacock feathers in fashion I worry where and by what means they were obtained. At least this way the feathers are with their rightful owner!


Background. This shows how new I am to acrylics, I started getting into the detail of the hair before the background was done, once I stepped back and looked at the big picture, I realised I had to do a background and basically ended up having the do the hair again. Time wasted? 2 hours. Lesson learned!


Starting the feathers, they took the longest.


And added more detail to her dress and brooch and a few other things. Finished!



I finished this in 2010 but was never quite happy. So I changed her face slightly in 2012. This is Eloise, she measures about 60cm x 45cm. She took a few months in small sessions so I have no idea in hours how long it took!

 photo eloisefulleb_zps8ecb2e3b.jpg

Thanks for looking!

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5 Responses to Painting a Portrait #2

  1. Rosie says:

    Gorgeous work, Sarah Mac. I love the explanation for the development of these. This is the second of this particular series? Do you think you’ll have many more. Love the intertwining of hair and feathers.

  2. Ashley says:

    This is amazing! I never really saw the whole process throught, but it gives me an even deeper respect for what you do!! She is beautiful and I love the concept!! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  3. lizparker6 says:

    Sarah, this is all kinds of wonderful! I didnt even know it was painted on wood, its SO beautiful, might be my most favourite by you ever! You are one hell of an artist! I wish I would be so talented..:) I like to draw, but there is no real talent behind it.

    But you on the other hand…*sighs* bRAVo.

  4. Stunning work, Sarah. I first saw this on a Redubble posting :

    Fascintating how it’s all put together.
    Cheers Cynthia

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