Zombies? Really?

I have never read a comic that wasn’t Ritchie Rich, or Mad magazine if that counts but recently I’ve become hooked on a comic about a group of people in a post-apocalyptic, zombie rampant world called ‘The Walking Dead’. Yeah! I know! Lol.
They are adapting it for TV (google The Walking Dead AMC) and that’s how I found it and now I’ve become addicted! I’ve read 60 comics in a week.
It’s really interesting, because it’s about the survivors and how people change, the focus isn’t on the zombies. But all the same, there’s plenty of gore and messed up things for those who are into that part too. I was impressed with it as a whole though, it’s a page turner.


Pick up Volume 1 from your local library today! Or wait until October when it airs, but that’s cheating.

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