Prime Minister Drama

Wow, we could have our first female Prime Minister today, the Labor party seem to be over our current PM and this was announced last night, with ballots happening this morning.

The thing that interests me in particular about this is that on the news, to amp up the drama, they are using Terminator 2 music, the bit where they lower Arnie into the molten metal tank to destroy the last chip. I kid you not, it’s fabulous. Lolol.

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3 Responses to Prime Minister Drama

  1. Rosie says:

    lol @ the Terminator music! I haven’t seen that, but I get the drift. Imagine lowering Julia into the molten pit. Do you reckon she will become all malleable and able to run really fast and become a metal blob on command.

    That could be handy when/if she visits other countries as our head of state – she’s able to make a quick getaway if the proceedings get to hawt.

    Does it surprise you? It’s taken me a bit by surprise, I must say, but my head hasn’t been in the news the last few days


    • sarahmac2 says:

      Lol, I had likened her to the Sarah Connor in this little equation, but each to their own!
      It is a bit of a surprise to me too! I was at the shops and I told them and they were too! No one is shopping. I’m neither here nor there on opinion, but I wonder if she’ll take the GST off tampons? :p

      • Rosie says:

        Maybe she’ll declare ‘women’s woes’ as UnAustralian?

        It’s bizarre. And quick. I mean, on one hand, a woman PM (the first one at that!) is monumental. On the other, it’s a weird way for it to happen.

        I wonder if the J_Gill has Sarah Connor biceps? Now that would be an assert for PM

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