There’s Nothing Like…..

Recently, tourism Australia has changed its tactics on how to promote us. Perhaps the movie ‘Australia’ didn’t work, nor did ‘Where the Bloody Hell are ya?’ and I know the penned in, sad little kangaroo on the sidewalk in the U.S created interest for all the wrong reasons.
So they decided to let us tell it how we see it, what a great idea because then we can’t whinge that they did it wrong.
Anyone could submit a photo and a paragraph of 25 words or less that started with ‘There’s nothing like….’ to accompany the photo. I think the really good ones are going to make it onto a TV advertisment. Anyway, I submitted a QLD one and a Melbourne one and was excited to receive mail last week from Tourism Australia, with the liftout from the city newspaper and my entry in it! Gotta love making the paper for the right reasons. Anyway, here’s a scan and they changed my wording a bit (adding the Tallebudgera Estuary to the end) but I’ll forgive them. I was tickled pink and would otherwise have had no idea.

There’s nothing like getting your feet in the paper….

And here’s the picture. Apologies to Michael, because it’s his boat and it’s not like I let him drive, quite the opposite, he wouldn’t let me if he respected his life.


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4 Responses to There’s Nothing Like…..

  1. Rosie says:

    This is fantastic, Sarahmac2! Both the blog and the fact your pic got into the tourism race. I’m glad that they’re finally letting Aussies be a bit more responsible for what is seen and loved about our country. Yep, and we can’t whinge about false images.

    Noice feet, very photogenic and congrats on the new place.

    • sarahmac2 says:

      Hi Rosie! Welcome to my corner, thanks for the visit! Yet to do some custom work so I can add links on the side but getting there!
      I had a look at the photos on the tourism site as it was running and there were so many great ones, I think it’s a winning campaign!
      Seeya round!

  2. Sarah K says:

    How fantastic, SarahMac2! I’ve always said you’ve got a great eye for a picture and this only confirms it. *high fives* Oh, and congrats on the new blog… you always have interesting things to say so I will be following this with interest!


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